Marion Jungeblut was born in 1964 in Germany. She studied sculpture with Prof. Jürgen Weber at the Institut Elementares Formen and architecture at the TU Braunschweig. She also attended classes in Mathematics and Theoretic Physics. After sojourns in Los Angeles where she worked at SOM´s and participated in installations for the MOMA S.F., she studied art and Media Sciences at the HBK Braunschweig. She maintains two studios in Braunschweig and Spain.

Marion Jungeblut´s artistic expression gives evidence of a unique language with great variety. She works with grand spaces of oil-colour and acrylic layers while making also use of different media such as silkscreens and c-prints of bodies and landscapes. Additionally, she produces hovering acrylic sculpture or rather acrylic-glass-installations whose visionary groupings, perfections in form and their futuristically reflecting surfaces cast a spell over their viewers. In this context the artist understands her paintings as a catalyst, which does not change but rather preserves its own truth, insofar as it prevents a complete comprehension of its totality. In the artist´s work, a deep blue colour plays a decisive role, which the art curator Beate Engelhorn described so well with her own words: “…the dominant colour of this world is a deep blue. (…) All these physical and psychological events and experiences are mirrored in Marion Jungeblut´s art and let us participate in a feeling of weightlessness and depth. “the water is where I come from, the water is where I fly, the water is where I drown, the water is where I die“  is the title of her Wave Paintings. One will find it difficult to escape the magic of the water and the blue of these paintings and sculpture.

Her newest series metal mirroring melting objects however, is less concerned with colour but with form: the subject matter focuses on the deconstruction of the objects with regard to our aesthetic perception and from our conventional perspective as well as on the dissolution of form in their conceptual consistence. The object is distorted by corrosion and reflections – one could almost say by liquefaction – but on the other hand it is reconstructed by means of new word contexts or anagrams.

the relativity of reflected reality is conceptually manifested in Marion Jungeblut's sculptures, objects installations and their appearance. Speculative words and specular reflective surfaces induce and create the possiblilities of divergent and different realities in multiple levels and layers of visual and cognitive perception.

Marion Jungeblut is an artist with many solo and group exhibitions. She is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery internationally.

LDXArtodrome Gallery

work, projects and exhibitions : 

i.a. in Los Angeles, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Samarkandh, Mönchehaus Goslar, Schloss Destedt, Berlin-Mitte Gallery Achtzig, Alzey Worms, Kunst hier und jetzt, Braunschweig, Cologne, Kap-Hoorn Art, Bremen, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe, EVBK Europäischer Verband Bildender Künstler Prüm, Schloss Wolfenbüttel, LA Art Show, Los Angeles, LDXArtodrome Gallery, Zebbug, Malta, Berlin, Art Beijing, Beijing, Kunstverein Schöningen, Maverick Projects, London, Korai Project Space, Nicosia, Cyprus, Rocca Paolina, Perugia, Italy, Art San Diego, San Diego, USA


Marion Jungeblut  



Studies / mini CV

1983-1990 Institut Elementares Formen Skulptur under sculptor Prof. Jürgen Weber,                     architecture / german diploma equ. M.A. ), mathematics, theoretical                           physics, Technische Universität Braunschweig

1990-2000 alternating stays Los Angeles, California, USA and Braunschweig,                                 Germany
                  projects at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, SOM, Los Angeles
                  collaboration with  team Hodgetts and Fung, Los Angeles :
                  Visionary San Francisco: Installation San Francisco MOMA
                  Studio Artist Factory Buchler Frankfurter Str. Braunschweig
                  Aga KhanTrust for Culture: Competition Ulugh Beg Culture Center,                               Samarkand conceptional design architecture, private residences

1995 Pilot License (PPL) at Hawthorne airport, HHR, L.A., aerial photography U.S.A. ,
          paintings and sculptures : The Colors of the Deserts – The Colors of the Cities
          Installation Peanuts : sound/color installation: project for Mönchehaus Museum           Goslar

1999-2003 HBK Braunschweig University of Art, fine art-silk screen, media science

2000 Studio in Erkerode, silk screens, paintings : the inner secret – the elastic reality                       series

since 2010 sculptures, objects und Installations: blue acryl glass and corten steel, the                   inner reality series, mirroring objects

since 2014 Studio artspace h67, Hildesheimer Str.67, Braunschweig, the meteor                           series, the liquid tales of mercury, the tale of the whale  

                              since 2016 studio in Porto Cristo, Spain





1983 – 1990  Technische Universität Braunschweig , Germany

                        maths , theoretical physics and architecture                               .                                    German Diplom ( equivalent to M.A. in the U.S.)  in architecture                                                                                                                                                                                      Institut for Sculpture  Elementares Formen sculptor                                                       professor  Jürgen Weber, studies in sculpture                                                                                                                                                                       

1994                privat pilot license received at Hawthorne Airport, Los Angeles,                                      California, U.S.A.


1999-2003        Braunschweig University of Art, Germany                                                                       fine arts - silkscreen, film and media science







Exibitions since 2013 ( solo and group, selection )


2013 Kunst hier und jetzt, Braunschweig                                                                         2013 Schloss Destedt, Destedt
2014 Gallery Achtzig, Berlin - Mitte
2014 Auswahlausstellung Kunstpreis Alzey-Worms, Alzey
2014 Artpu:I, Cologne - Pulheim
2014 Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart                                                               2014 2041 Endlosschleife
2015 Kap Hoorn Art, Bremen
2015 EVBK Europäischer Verband bildender Künstler, Prüm
2015 Kunst hier und jetzt, Braunschweig
2015 Artspace 67, Braunschweig
2015 Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
2016 Frühjahrssalon Wolfenbüttel, Wolfenbüttel
2016 Malta, Zebbug, LDX Artodrome Gallery                                                                   2016 LDX Artodrome Gallery, Berlin                                                                               2017 LA ART SHOW, Los Angeles                                                                                  2017 Art Beijing, Beijing                                                                                                   2017 Malta, Zebbug, LDX Artodrome Gallery                                                                   2017 Ein Stellung Aus, Braunschweig                                                                             2017 Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart                                                               2017 Kunstverein Schöningen, Schöningen

2018 Harvesting Minds, Braunschweig

2018 Razzmatazz, Maverick Projects, London

2018 Entwicklungslinien, LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin

2018 Gallery Weekend Berlin, LDXArtodrome Gallery

2018 Schloss Wolfenbuettel, Wolfenbüttel

2018 Korai Project Space, Nicosia, Cyprus

2018 Rocca Paolina, Perugia, Italy

2018 Art San Diego, San Diego, USA





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